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Other Services

Private and Corporate Art Advisory 

  • Art advisory services include advice on purchasing and acquiring works of art, with attention to market conditions, art trends and client objectives. Working with collectors of all levels and budgets, from novice to those who wish to grow and build their personal collections. 

Estate Liquidation

  • We provide comprehensive unique solutions for the liquidation and sale of estates, and schedule the shipping of property to auction houses. Fees based on an hourly or commission basis.

Selling Art from Your Collection

  • We develop tailored sales strategies that highlight each piece in a collection and work within a vast network to place works in private sales and auction houses. We help clients in navigating the sales side of the art market and assist with the pre and post sale logistics, market research, correspondence, paperwork and payment coordination.

Art Installation and Handling

  • Art Installation and storage services for artworks are available upon request.

Collection Management

  • Collection management services include advice on selecting works to be included in a collection, catalogue, direction on exhibiting or loaning works to an institution, documenting a collection's history, and conservation recommendation.

Curatorial Services

  • Curatorial services are provided to individuals, galleries, corporations, and non-profit entities to effectively and creatively organize an exhibition or collection.

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