BMG Appraisal Services is a full service appraisal and consulting company with over a decade of experiencing appraising and coordinating sales of fine and decorative art objects. 

We are the leading specialists in providing fair market value and replacement value appraisals of tangible personal property. We perform appraisal reports based upon detailed market research in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of the International Society of Appraisers and the Appraisal Foundation's Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

Our company works directly with private collectors, attorneys, galleries, insurance companies, cultural institutions, to perform independent valuations based on knowledge through research and training, free from outside pressures. 



Art Appraisals

Owners of fine and decorative art need independent opinions of value with description of their personal property included in an appraisal report.

Each written appraisal report clearly identifies the objects appraised; the scope of work perfomed by the appraiser; the client and other intended users, and the intended use of the report. All reports must contain sufficent information to be credible and to enable the intended user to properly understand the conclusions.

Appraisal reports that are in compliance with USPAP will include: a detailed description of items (with photographs), methodology, analysis, and data used to provide a value conclusion and the rationale for value, a signed certification that states the appraiser is not baised and does not have a present or future interest in the property.


Clients may need values for items such as:

  • Paintings, drawings, photographs, sculpture, prints, furniture, rugs and carpets, ceramics, china, silver and silver-plate, metalware, art glass, collectibles and antiques.

Appraisal reports may be required for:

  • Estate planning, charitable contributions, estate or gift tax, insurance coverage, damage and/or loss claims, equitable distribution, sale decisions, collateral loans and legal disputes.

By selecting BMG Appraisal Services, you are hiring a professional personal property appraiser who is educated in appraisal methodology as well as experienced in the connoisseurship of fine and decorative art and other personal property. This equates to less time on-site, more efficient and accurate research, and a quicker completion time. Having a USPAP compliant appraiser protects the interests of the client and is mandatory for appraisers working on projects that deal in donation, estate tax and other federal related uses. When choosing an appraiser for your valuation needs, it is important to ask if they are in compliance with USPAP and work under their standards in their own appraisal practice. 

Contact us for an initial evaluation and consultation. 


Main Office:

Miami, Florida

Available for travel in US & Canada

Mobile: 305 510 4703

Email: info@appraisalservicesmiami.com

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